Dear friends, I feel like Columbus today!

After years of bedroom rocking, playing different multi-effect pedals (processors) through small practice amps (Ibanez, Peavey) I was always struggling to get a decent sound out of my gear. I've tried playing through the hi-fi but it didn't sound right. Some people suggested using keyboard amp. We'll I didn't have a chance to try that but the idea itself is pretty sacrilegious.

Anyhow, I've learned that the problem is simple: sending your signal to two separate preamps (Digitech RP2000 and the amp) instead of one is always going to produce undesirable sound - too much hiss and loss of definition. One preamp in the chain only. The situation gets worst if you're using cabinet modeling - in that case your sound gets modeled twice, by the external processor and by the amp. And that's bad sounding in any case. Must use effect's loop!

True, I didn't know about the effect's loop when I was purchasing my small amps some years ago. If you're buying an amp, make sure that it has effects loop (send/return). Otherwise, you'll just mess up your amp's preamp section with your external processor - ruining the tone utterly.

So, it finally came to me! )) I plugged the output of my Digitech RP2000 to the CD Input on my amp. Voila! I got the modeled sound that was created for headphones use out on my amp's speaker and it sounds just great. By plugging into amp's CD Input you're skipping the amp's preamp, the power amp and the EQ and using only the speaker of your amp.
Your sound is entirely created by your multi-effect processor. The amp's volume level is also controlled externally by the effect pedal.

I wish I had realized this earlier.
One note: my other amp actually processes the CD Input signal like the guitar signal (that's sad) so the CD Input trick doesn't work in this case.

Just felt like sharing!

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What amps are you using? (specificly)
just curious.
My anger managment class is really starting to piss me off!!
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well, its been discovered before, but congradulations. it also works if you plug your guitar into the multi fx and then the output into the amps FX return.

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That must be a terrible amp if you consider that processed tone good - but well done for working something out on your own - people need to do lots more of that around here.

Be careful not to become accustomed to plain multiFX playing - it covers most of your playing up, has no dynamics and can make your playing go downhill if anything.
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What amps are you using? (specificly)
just curious.

I'm using these two practice amps for my stereo signal (stereo chorus, pink-pong delays etc):

1. Peavey Rage 158 (newer edition) - this amp has a decent clean sound and pretty weak distortion although I managed to do couple of gigs and it worked well with my army band. Sad thing is that the CD Input on this amp actually isn't clean (flat) but processed like the guitar tone - so it's useless. For the 15W this amp is loud!

2. Ibanez Tone Blaster 15R - good distortion. Clean (flat) CD Input - like it should be. I used it before to plug my iPod and jam along with backing tracks etc. Now my Digitech RP2000 goes there.

I got them over 9 years ago. I would recommend both amps only to a beginner with limited budget. Both amps are for sale now
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well, its been discovered before, but congradulations. it also works if you plug your guitar into the multi fx and then the output into the amps FX return.

Thanks for the tip nutinpwnsgibson!
Thanks davedoom!

What really works best to my ears is a tube amp in a live band situation. I guess it is also the only way a good guitar/amp tone should be judged.
The fact that many of us are using cheap imitations (modeling gear) is just a compromise that we’re making for practical reasons (cost, access to different sounds, etc).
Btw, your gear is great. I love that Ibanez Jam!

Well, I've always had to use my fuzz pedal through the CD in on my amp, but that's just because I don't have a second guitar cable and had one of those 1/4 to headphone jacks. But good job on discovering that.