i have an old fender squire strat that i am looking to give to a friend. right now, i personally am play an ibanez rg, and he likes the way that plays. so far i have buffed the frets, lowered the action, and put lighter strings on it. what else should i do to bring this piece of driftwood to it's maximum playability?
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Short of swapping put hardware, not much.

Lubricate the nut and saddle contact points with some graphite (pencil lead), it will improve tuning stability.

Polish up the guitar with some cleaner, like dunlop or meguiars or some stuff like that, designed for cleaning guitars.

You can run over the back of the neck with 400 grit sandpaper, that will remove the gloss and make it matte, it will be much faster and easier to play.

I'm sort of out of ideas now...
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well the biggest upgrade would be pick ups but that pushes this project almost to a mexi strat price...
that was good thinking on the frets cuz those squires will cut up your hands bad

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