I just bought a 2005 impala that used to be a cop car. it looks nice on the outside(still says police on the back , but on the inside it sucks. It has vinyl seats, no console, vinyl-ish floor, and the whole backseat is missing the headliner, and the stereo sucks. However, it's not bad for a first car.

what are some cool things to add to it? i still have some money, and i wanna make it cooler on the inside
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New seat covers. There have probably been a lot of drunks piss themselves in there.
Anything but racing seats, neon lights, or repainting the trim. You drive an impala, there's nothing you can do. Since it used to be the interceptor model I'm assuming it's got the V8, so it's a good car. Just leave it as is and replace what needs to be replaced. Don't ruin the car... please.
A steering wheel.
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Alpine head unit, 2 15" Kickers, and a high wattage Pioneer amp.

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