Ive been playing for a while now, i can follow through alot of songs (Megadeth <3) but i havnt learnt to improvise even though i know scales.
I have no idea where to start with it. When people say improvise you think its off the top of your head? or do people sit for hours exploring the scales until they get it right.

Does anyone have any tips or any direction they can point me in.


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Basically all improvising is is writing your own song on the spot using patterns from the scales. It helps to explore the scales, to see what sounds good with what notes, in what order, timing, etc. You'll get more used to it as you go along.
Try recognising scale patterns in songs, and it will help.
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I'm the complete opposite of you, I can't play a single cover song but I can improvise all day.

I just picked apart the scales: I'd play maybe 2 strings worth backwards and forwards till I knew the sound and shape blindfolded. When I improvise, I just put it all together: I know what I want the next section to sound like.

If you know scales you half-way there, go easy on yourself and get some more aural training under you belt, and toy with the scales a bit, before you know it you'll be dancing around the neck.
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