Please listen to this with RSE on. I'm not sure what to say it is, genre-wise, but it's very heavily influenced by Buckethead's "Colma" album. No bassline, and really REALLY basic drums (not my strong point at all).

C4C (as an added incentive )
I like this, but of course there is some stuff I'd change.

Hearing the strings come in at measure six is kind off odd sounding to me because of the four measure riff. When they come in at measure nine it sounds fine, but the strings at measure six sound too early to me.

Some of the solos are out of key/pretty disonant. If you're going for dissonance, that's cool, but if you're not I think you need to work on the solos.

That said, the electric solos have got some pretty cool licks! (64,65)

I'm guessing from the ending (or lack thereof) that this is still a work in progress?

I think the piece lives up to the title. In other words, this is a good title for this piece.

Cool stuff. Good job.
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Not much to say on the structure of the song, as its pretty solid for the style but please as the guy above me said, work on those solos. There are moments when the off key notes work and moments when it sounds really odd (and not in a good way). For example theres one point near the beginning where you have a nice solo going hit hit one of these "off-notes" that would have worked, but instead you build a chord off it that really doesn't work in this context.

The structure is repetitive and you know that, but the thing that stops this from getting boring would be the lead "solos", I love it when people use interesting harmony as it fleshes out a sound no end and please do keep thinking about this kind of thing. But my advice is to uses your ears critically, if you hear a note that sounds wrong don't be afraid to stick to something simple.

You clearly have a grasp on phrasing, just clear up some of these wrong note (whilest not losing some of those other "spicey" odd notes) and you'll have a nice little thing going on here.

I may have something lying around the T&C for you to crit if you feel like it. Just do a search of my threads and pick the newest one (or rather ... one of the ones with jazz in the title .... at least I think they have that in the title lol whatever)