Alright, heres the story.

this guy commissioned me for a build 6 months ago, paid me 200 in cash as a down payment and gave me all of the parts and then he drops out of communication. thank goodness....
his walnut body was not dried properly, so it warped and is now useless because of the neck pocket and bridge and it is splitting down the middle and his neck is ugly because i sucked 6 months ago, and it was soft maple and it would have warped anyways.

So he called me today, wants it done and has a gig. so all things aside, his guitar comes first because obviously he has already given me money.

Hand wound single coil in the neck, handwound humbucker in the bridge (pickups were wound by VooDoo Pickups, for a ripoff price). string-through strat bridge, quilted maple top, walnut back, curly hard maple neck, rosewood fretboard with 22 frets, should be simple. I have designed a guitar on my CNC, i might just cut it out with that...

heres my original body shape, minus the kahler and i just interchange pickup configs.

heres a picture of my original body
That is some nice wood.
So...how many builds do you have going? XD

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Nice wood on that guitar there. Hope nothing else happens to this one, altho i dont wanna jinx it.
Yeah man, you got a **** load of builds goin on O.o
I'm too scared to even start my first one

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Jackal is like 90.

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Buy stock in Viagra. Imma gonna fuck you in the ass.
^ I do concour good sir.
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theres nothing to take a picture of. i am going to design my guitar body on my cnc program tongiht for his pickup configuration, and i found myself adjust the action way high on the last one, the neck pocket needs to be 1/16'' deeper.
My goodness! I would love to see a dye finish on that thing...
it's all just coming back
it's all coming back

it's all coming back to me
How much was that guitar all together?
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+1. This man knows his ****.

Walker Rose.
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i think i charged him 750 total.

he got an absolute work of art.
looks amazing.
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I love it when threads come back to life after like a month of death, and all of the sudden the guitar is done! Another beautiful build LP.
best YouTube video ever

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holy, that neck has like birdseye and flame figure!

Thats one lucky guy, how many days did you have to build it?
I'm not a big fan of the pickup cavities with no mounting rings-- I would have made mounting rings to match the back. Also, i think with the right stain and maybe a burst, the top could have become so much more. All in all it's not my favorite build of your's, but that's coming from someone who's never even tried to do what you do on a day to day basis.
God DAMN LP, you work far too fast.
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Thats gorgeous, but if I understand right then thats a walnut back. Just doesn't make sense to me that anybody would want to cover up walnut even it it is with highly figured maple.

But damn, that still looks nice.
That is one nice guitar.

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