I'm gonna have to got with the Lion King. so many timless classic songs
everyone knows "can you feel the love tonight" and "the circle of life"

anyone else?
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For films - Lord Of The Rings. Epic.

For games - GTA Vice City. Epic.

EDIT - YES to below me too.
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Nightmare before Christmas!!!!!!

Composed by Danny Elfman and Sung by him too

What a musician!!
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The music to Rambo is actually quite good, captures the moods in the film perfectly.
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's UG
Across the Universe

..Or Final Fantasy VII if it counts

Because it's killing me.
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Requiem for a Dream
Lord of the Rings

those are my faves
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The Full Monty.
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Almost Famous!!!! It's amazing, it has Yes, Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Simon and Garfunkel and more! That and Raiders of the Lost Ark, since EVERYONE knows the theme song and the rest of it is simply amazing instrumental work.
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Across the Universe

..Or Final Fantasy VII if it counts

I personally hated that movie. They completely fu**ed up all the songs. It was so bad It actually put me to sleep. I hate Beatles covers that change how the song originally went. Like Target and every other TV show/commercial.
The only good Beatles cover I've ever heard was Jim Carey's I am the Walrus.

The Yellow Submarine Soundtrack (If that counts)
Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack (Danny Elfman is amazing)
Saturday Night Fever (I love the Bee Gees)
The Original Power Rangers Sountrack (With Higher Ground, Free Ride, ext)
Star Wars

Just naming a few, but those are some of my all time favorites.
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