I installed new pickups into my Fender P-Bass, and as I was screwing them in, the screw got stripped... pretty much clean. Now, I want to raise my action up some and I can't seem to catch the screw to raise it, what do you guys suggest to fix it?

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Sand the threaded part off and file a slot into it, then use a flat screwdriver to get it out and replace it with a new screw, and make sure you use the right size screwdriver on it next time so you don't thread it!
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either a new screw, or you could do what I did with one pickup. The holes were larger than the screws that I was using so I melted plastic over the holes and drilled new holes that fit the screws, FYI I pretty much just took a spork I got from taco bell (it was close and seemed like it would work), lit it on fire and dripped the plastic onto the pickup as well as I could. It worked, but looking back on it, filling the holes with glue or something probably would have worked equaly as well, but then I would have had to wait for it to dry. EDIT: Oh wait, did the theading get stripped or was it the slot? Either way I'm going to have to suggest lighting plastic on fire...
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hmm... I have this same problem with the screw on my guitar.
I would suggest pulling it out with needle nose pliers and getting a new screw.
You really can't repair a screw once it is stripped.
depending on how tight of a fit the screw is in the whole take a screwdriver and some 5 min epoxy and epoxy the screw driver to the screw. let it set up completely and then unscrew it... theres a good chance that it fits in the hole to well though for it to work but you could try it. otherwise the first suggestion sounds like it may work but just be careful filing around the pickup, can you turn the screw with needle nose plyers? It would take awhile but might work...