Grindcore: What is and What its been

In the ideal weight of the grind core scene there is some question as to what exactly grind core is. This could be because of the terminologies way of systematically changing, or quite possibly because of the genres for-fathers. With its punk rock ideas and death metal vibe the genre its self is always morphing into something different. Yet at the same time Grindcore goes full circle and meets back with its punk roots in the end.

Within the muck of the early 80’s punk rock and the overlooked hardcore scene a new genre was planting its seeds. With the roots relating back to such anti-mainstream and anarchy thriving bands, its no wonder why the genre was easily overlooked, or overshadowed if you will, by its predecessors. Many early bands were short lived and more or less unable to get gigs within local scenes. Siege, often listed as one of the first grind core bands and cited as a large influence by other bands, are a perfect example of a band with a short lived career. However the seeds of the genre had not yet begun to sprout its stock. The punk scene that had earlier cast out there offspring, were now opening their doors to these bands. The bands coming on the scene now were not only taking from there punk counterparts, but were now taking a step of faith into the death metal genre.

Much like Death or Possessed, grind core was taking on the sound of heavy distortion, low tunings, and pounding riffs, still maintaining the inverted style of shred from its punk roots. With bands like Napalm Death, and Carcass tearing up the scene it had seemed like the seeds planted were about to sprout open. Death metal brought many things into the equation other than the guitar and drum styles, but it also gave the grind core a distinct, or not so distinct, vocal style. Many grind core bands use the guttural style of vocals, although on the extreme opposite there is an equal amount that use the ear piercing high pitched screams. While at the same time many incorporate both styles into their music. In a sense you could consider grind core the red-headed step child of death metal, while it does contain many of the same aspects there are many varying elements in the music. Death metal contains rhythm tic beauty, and a strong rhythm progressive feeling at that, in most cases grind exchanges the rhythm for speed then leaves the progression to the general structure of the song. The list goes on and on with the similarities and differences. Although the influences are primarily Punk, Hardcore, and Death Metal the genre still continues to grow. With the seeds rooted so deep now sprouting beautiful blossoms will the plant known as grind core continue to grow?

Today more than ever, you can find bands that call themselves grind core. While some not always true to the meaning, there are plenty that are. Many bands consider themselves on the line of Hardcore or Grindcore but the genres themselves have changed so much since the early days when bands like throw down considered themselves hardcore. It seems now that any kid who can play a power chord and dresses like chick and slants his hair, starts a grind core band. However its not just the emo wave of grind core bands that still exist. Grindcore itself has given birth to many other genres, including noise core, industrial grind, and so many others. While most of the bands create a genre name for themselves, most simply can be considered grind. The true stem of the plant branches off and reaches many other genres. However there is some debate as to what grind core exactly is, the one fact is that it is still alive today.

The thing with grind core is that it doesn’t have any set boundaries. Many bands have there way expressing themselves. Grindcore song structure can range from a guitarist just wanking out, to the band writing complex musical arrangements. The lyrics to the songs are no different than the songs themselves, they can be political much like punk rock, they can be descriptively brutal like death metal, and even some bands lyrics are just comical. The real question is will the plant known as grind core continue to grow and thrive, or will it just wilt and fade out like some fad?


This is my first column, i noticed there wasnt a grindcore column so i thought i would right one. I enjoy writing and i enjoy constructive crit. Thank you. Also this is just a rough draft keep in mind.
Peace be thy journey
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