Or maybe a combo of both?? I plugged in my brothers guitar and the buzzing is still there, just quieter. I've tried three cables, and the buzzing is there with each of them. One weird thing though is that one of the cables is quieter than the other two... bad quality or what?
This is just one of those bad days where a lot of crap starts happening. I haven't plugged in my guitar since Wednesday night, and it was fine then...
well it sounds to me like you've eliminated everything but the amp
but i could be wrong
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i have the same problem on my randall rg200 and my ibanez (gio) , but when i touch the strings it almost stops....
try the amp in a seperate room to see if its just something with that outlet etc, other electronic devices can interfere. you might want to try using a power conditioner even if it is the amp the power conditioner is still a good thing to have for gear.

powerlines can make gear buzz too, and a power conditioner can help clean that up....If...its not something wrong with the amp.
Okay, I'm guessing it's my guitar now... If I run it through a noise suppressor, it cuts out a lot of the buzz. I paid a hundred bucks to have a guitar tech solder in some new Seymour Duncan's about a month ago, so it's not the pickups, but I'm wondering if the guy did a crappy job.
I'll look into getting a power conditioner anyways though.