no, its not me asking how to change strings, i know how to do that.
i have a gig on tuesday and wednesday next week, and i cant use my ibanez for it, so im going to use my cheap strat copy.
My question is, that if i change my strings, like tomorrow, will they settle down by tuesday?
we will be playing a 4 song set, will it be likely i have to tune inbetween songs?
the strings i have on it now are fine, they have settled in very nicely, but have been on it for an age, and are maybe a little bit corroded, i just dont want them to snap on stage.

i will be constantly checking it before the gig, i just dont want to be tuning during the gig, if you know what i mean?
other than that, what exactly do u mean by "preperation"?
tune them sharp (but dun break em) and practice with them E#A#D#G#B#E#. Also literally PULL on the string off the board a little every now and them and while practicing to break em in, constantly tune it in sharp. Do a lot of strumming, not soloing. Hell, you could open strum endlessly if ya want lol