So i got one for christmas and i love it, but i could love it more. the bass is very weak and get no chug whatsoever. i was thinking of an EQ. would this give me what im looking for? im really picky about it though. i prefer to have a Metallica like chug. would an eq do this for me.

also, the notes are very unclear. there is alot of noise over single notes. would a noise gate alone fix this? if not what would i need?

thanks in advance for the help.
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I've never played with one, but I'm pretty into effects and what you're saying seems to be too much gain. If you are getting a lot of noise with multiple notes, then you might try cutting the gain? Muffs aren't going to be exceptional for anything other than leads and fifth chords. They tend to sound very thick which isn't going to be very good for chording. As for the EQ, it will only slightly help your problem. Muff circuits will roll off the bass some as most pedals do. However, Muffs are usually known for a bassy sound. If you do use an EQ, make sure it's active. You can try modding the circuit to allow more bass in, but that will cause a muddier (less articulate) sound. Perhaps it's just not the right pedal for that particular sound? I hope some of that helped.
turn the gain down a bit or get higher output pups for more clarity
and an eq pedal can help with upping the bass tone
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I have one and can get great tones. Just mess with it a little. It's really heavy even with the gain pretty low.
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