I was wondering if anyone had any personal experience withe the EMG-KH20 set of pickups. I was thinking of sticking them in my Charvel 475 deluxe. The only minor issue is the pick guard. It says its pre-wired so I was thinking, maybe i can just pop it off the the pick guard and Viola!
Also, with EMG's quick connect system, i figured it wouldnt be too hard. Any suggestions? (Im trying desperately to avoid the soldering iron as far as my guitar goes because ive never changed a set of pups myself.)
Here are some pics.

Right now its ghetto rigged so only the volume knob is being used, my tone pot is just floating around incase i ever want to reconnect it. (When your friend throws in some pickups he gave you why not?)
Just to mention it, the neck is a DiMarzio YJM, the middle is a Seymour Duncan Mini JB, and the bridge is a Seymour Duncan Screamin' Demon.
you've already got better pickups in there.....
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you've already got better pickups in there.....

The YJM barely works, and the in has some sick buzz.
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To put that set of pickups in your guitar you'll have to disconnect all the wires on the EMG's so you can run the wires through the body of your Charvel and then re-solder them.

I can't just run the end of the quick connect cable through the existing wiring?