So I'm getting a new acoustic electric soon, and I've been poking around.
I have a max. budget of about $500(AUD).
I've been thinking about getting this.
It seems reasonable, Fender designed, Fishman Classic electronics (never used them before).
Anyway, if anyone owns or has ever owned this guitar, I'd like some feedback on whether you liked it and whether you felt it was suitable.
I mostly play folk rock, acoustic, indie sort of stuff.
Thanks in advance,
the Yamaha APX500 is great. it's relatively small but has a great sound for its size, easy to play and a it's cutaway so you can get to those higher frets.

i have pics in my profile but google it or somethin for better specs.

and it's around $300. more than worth it.
what's AUD?

generally seagull takamine and alvarez makes good entry level guitars.

there are some martin's in that price range i think.
I would look at the Alvarez Jumbo Acoustic electric.
The best sounding Acoustic electric with a case, fully set up and with good looks and make well, great playing guitar under $400 US dollars is the Martin Mini.
Have great day. Oh it is very loud and balanced unplugged.
Witch Doctor.
Quote by redking14ca
what's AUD?

Australian form of currency =p
There's an Alvarez Jumbo acoustic electric in my local guitar store, I'll check it out next time I go there. What's it like in terms of amplification sound?