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Singers with instruments
40 58%
Singers who just sing
29 42%
Voters: 69.
Singers that play an instrument at the same time or a singer who just sings?
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i much prefer the original toy story
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^^^ So much win, omg.
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i much prefer the original toy story

I agree.

As for me, I don't care. If he/she's a good singer/guitarist/bassist/drummer, it doesn't matter.

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I don't get what you're asking. Should singers not- also play an instrument? It would help compose songs better.
most of the time singers who just sing because they can do other entertaining things onstage. watch Eddie Vedder in one of pearl jam's old live vids from the early 90s. very entertaining. Kurt Cobain was pretty entertaining to watch even though he played guitar at the same time though.
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It depends.

I really like it when a singer also plays acoustic guitar.

I don't mind them playing rhythm guitar or bass, but it bugs me when drummers sing for some reason.

But also singers who just sing are cool.
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i much prefer the original toy story
As do I. I can quote just about the whole thing line for line too

Stupid question. Its different depending on who your talking about, so theres no answer.
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singers sing?
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it depends on the type of music, more acoustic music the singer with a guitar, but harder stuff they should be hands free to roam around
I don't really care, as long as they sing and/or play an instrument well
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Singers with a vagina

Best thing ever collaborating musically with a girl you're in a relationship with.
It depends. If it's something like Dashboard Confessional or Death Cab for Cutie, I prefer the singer to sin whilst playing guitar. But it's Chiodos or Say Anything, or anything really heavy I prefer lead sigers who just sing, but back ground vox who are also playing an instrument.

EDIT: And pl one to bendystraw. It is amazing.
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Best thing ever collaborating musically with a girl you're in a relationship with.

Especially if you have a penis.
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Especially if you have a penis.

Wait, what? So is it singers with a vagina, or singers with a penis?
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i much prefer the original toy story

I prefer Toy Story 2, it had much better character development.
Neither, I prefer singers who do whatever of the two they do well, beyond that I couldn't care less if they choose to finger their own arse while doing it.
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it really doesnt matter
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it all depends on a lot of things, but I chose with instrument.
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As do I. I can quote just about the whole thing line for line too

Chin up dio_dude thats an accomplishment to be proud of I can quote most of Space Jam

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it doesn't really matter to me as long as they sound good
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