At work today, a guy tried to force his beliefs on me, which always pisses me off to no end. I was fuming all day, so I decided to write a song about it. Looking back, the lyrics are somewhat childish, but I still think it would make a badass thrash metal tune. Enjoy!

Note: This is a pretty blunt critique of religion; if you are religious, it may seem offensive.

God Slight

You shield your eyes
Behind convenient lies

Brainwashed and brain-dead
The blood of the Martyr runs free and red

Being taught what is “right”
By Gods malicious light

You pray “Father, Son, Holy Spirit”
But when you gasp your last will God really hear it?

Limping through life with faith as a crutch
Failing to feel the divine’s lightest touch

Hiding the true beauty of life with deceit
The Bible is a shield as you grovel at Gods feet

Enslaving the thoughts of the enlightened mind
Denouncing those you can’t shackle and bind

Evil is a virtue you don’t see, speak or hear
But you’re the cause behind hatred and fear

Wars have been fought, unbelievers slain
In the name of God, the slavers will reign
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These are the best lyrics i have yet to read on this site so far, even if they are dark and offensive. If this is what comes out of u then u should right it down regardless of what u think that people will think. I honestly got a sort of nine inch nails type vibe when i first read this. I think u should make more lyrics of what u feel deep down, why not?
"Limping through life with faith as a crutch" was probably the weakest line, the faith is a crutch idea is very cliched.

This reminds me a bit of God Send Death by Slayer lyrically, fits the whole thrash metal thing I suppose.