Gilded Cage

Being stuck in here
Nowhere to go and nowhere to hide
Hopeless chances to escape
Haunting words replay and they seem to say
“Never shall you see the light
Never shall you feel the cool night”

I’ve been trapped inside this gilded cage
I count the days till I’m saved form eternal suffering
It’s like your right outside the cage
Within my reach, but yet so far
Just beyond these bars

Still don’t have the hope to leave
I’m stuck on my knees
I can barely breathe
Eternity seems so long to wait
Inside this gilded cage

This place seemed so nice
Yet I’m doomed to be a sacrifice
And doomed to be a sacrifice
To the better of this world
Where only the strong survive
This works for almost any situation....

Quote by PaulyVengeance
Punch it. Punch it until it goes away.