Lol well 2 days ago I was at Target, in the game section, looking at PSP games. Well, this guy comes up to me and asks if I can open the cabinet (or whatever it's called). I just say, "Hmm?", and he repeats himself. I then noticed I had a red collared shirt on, and say "Oh, I don't work here." I could see the embarrassment in his face, and he walked away. The funny thing is, I'm actually not even 16, but I look older than I really am.

Similar experiences?
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i really wish i had pics to proove it... i just realized how immensely unbelievable this is but... i promise you... he was doing something to the dogs crotch with his face..
Should have asked him to give you a pickle.'

But no, never happened to me, I've done it to others though.
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Yeah I always approach people and ask them store-specific questions they are unable to answer.

Mostly to mess with them. But also because I'm looking for answers.
umm.... wtf?
this happens all the time, we all make mistakes no need to make a problem out of it, or even make a thread out of it....
Some kid tried to buy crack off me the other day. I mean honestly, do i look black to you?
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I got off work and was shopping at verizon and all these people kept coming up to me because I was wearing pretty much the same thing as the staff there. Same thing happened at best buy when I was wearing beige pants and a blue shirt
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Some kid tried to buy crack off me the other day. I mean honestly, do i look black to you?

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Some kid tried to buy crack off me the other day. I mean honestly, do i look black to you?

I've had random people ask me questions that only an employee would know at quite a number of stores I've gone into
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When I was in the Air Force, one of my neighbors knew I wore the uniform and thought I was a pilot. I only fixed 'em, never flew 'em.
I used to work at "Canadian Tire" it's an auto/home&garden/sportsgoods store up here in canada. After I quit I kept my uniform and I would wear it every time I went back to the store and when people asked me for help I would send them to the wrong aisles for fun. I would also tell people that stuff was on sale for REALLY cheap... haha I wonder how much havok I caused in the end :P
One time i wore my security gaurd unifrom and tried making small talk with Green Lantern, all of a sudden he punched me in the face and shouted a multitude of sayings! T'was a bad day.
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eh, some lady at hot topic just asked me if the shirt she was about to buy said Tool on it.

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Because it's killing me.
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The only time its happend to me was when I was in a guitar store, I made eye contact with some near me and the walked over and asked hey do you guys have (then what ever he said... I cant remember ... happend 2-3 years ago)? and I was like... "oh ... um I dont work here..."
One day I want to go to walmart with a blue vest and stand by a check out and wait for someone to come up to the check out and unload... then I will state that i do not work here and either continue standing there or look the other way and walk away.
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I used to work at target. Similar experience:

I was sitting at a register. I usually work the floor, but we were short cashiers that day, so I had to step up.

*Old man comes up to register with a broken plastic box*

Man: "Excuse me, this box is broken."
Me: "...Yes. Yes, I suppose it is."
Man: "can you get me a new one?"
Me: "Why didn't you just... not take the broken one?"
Man: "...?"

The guy could have asked any of the 20 other people walking around the store, whose JOB it is to deal with customers, but no. He made me sign out of my register and walk across the store, pick up a box, sign back in, and ring up the box.

True story.
I was in a music store the other day, and I was screwing around with a uke. Some guy comes up and starts asking me questions about the tunings and stuff. So I answered him and showed him a few chords and played a bit for him. So then he asked me "So whats the best starter uke that you guys have?" I told him i don't work there and he was embarrassed. It made me chuckle that someone would think I could ever get hired at such a huge music store.
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ANOTHER story from target, considerably BETTER than the previous. BUT it isn't really related.

Around a year and a half into the job, and being in school at the same time, I got really lazy. I wanted to quit, but I didn't want to put in my 2 weeks, so I decided i'd do something awesomely better. I'd go into work, and as soon as I clocked in, i'd go to the bathroom and smoke pot until it was time for me to go home. I figured I might as well get paid for as long as possible.

So one day i'm sitting in the employee bathroom in the back, just doing the usual. Suddenly, over the walkie, a voice rings out "Julian, you there?" Now, I don't know why this happens, but if a loud noise goes off in the bathroom back there, the hand drier turns on, and is REALLY LOUD. So I panic (I was pretty high at the time) drop my blunt in the toilet, and run out of the bathroom. My manager just so happened to be walking by the bathroom as I ran out, and I slam into him. We both fall to the ground, smoke pours out of the bathroom, and I figure i'm screwed. HE SOMEHOW DOESN'T NOTICE THE SMOKE, and I talk my way out of it. Put in my two weeks later that night, quit without incident.
should have made him pay the money then ran away with it
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I went to eat at some restaurant with my dad when we were checking out the college I was planning on going to.

My dad went to the bathroom and the waiter came up and asked me if I wanted a beer...

I was 18 at the time.
Every once in a while I'll go up to Nebraska Furniture Mart (big electronics and home furnishings store) right after I get off work. The dress code at my job is very similar to what the floor salesmen at NFM have to go by, so whenever I roam around I'm in disguise. I'm like a ninja! I always have people asking me where something is, or how good something is. The best part is I can say anything I want to them, and since they think I work there, even though I don't, I can get away with it and the store gets the blame! The possibilities are absolutely endless! Oh, how wonderful the feeling is. If a lady comes up to me and asks me where the restrooms are, I can scream, "Right behind you, you enormous thunder-cunt!"

but I usually just point to the bathroom then walk out with my purchase.