Hey everybody, i found a used OD-20 for around $75 and i was wondering if it was any good. I like to play classic rock and classic rock and of course classic rock. If you dont recommend it i would appreciate alternatives! price range= max 75 (preferred lower of course)
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Well from what I have heard (this info could be wrong) it is not a very good sounding pedal. I recommend the DS-1 it is a very simple pedal, but has a lot of variety. Many will say it is a toy, but not if you know how to use it. I find that lowering the amp volume and raising the level knob of the pedal to full brings out the pedals natural eq. It can sound very metalish, classic, and punchy. I can shred and get a decent sound out of it.
That is a really good price. It's certainly not worth the retail price, but you'll find more versatility with it than other cheap pedals, and if you just want something to muck around with, then you'll probably have fun with it. If this was for a cheap gigging rig, I'd say look at a Cool Cat Transparent Overdrive or something, but for home practice, that might be worth it.
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