Anyone ever see this? My girlfriend says its her favorite movie and I've never seen it. She says I'd hate it, so I decided I'm going to sit with her and watch it some day and enjoy it. However, she's under the impression I'm going to want to shoot myself by the end of the movie.
Is it really that bad? (for guys to enjoy, that is)
its pretty bad

you might like the music.........i suppose...we watched it in music class

yeah pretty **** movie

its just anoying how they sing everything that should be spoken.......

At the end of the movie Dorthy wakes up and realizes that it was all a dream...

and no, despite the rumors the scarecrow and the tin man don't make out...
besides the fact that Andrew Lloyd Webber stole the riff from pink floyd's echoes, it sucks
man i reckon just get baked as **** first...............
and then watch it

then itll be awesome
I loved both the play and the movie. But then again, I also like twilight.
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I've only seen the play, which was quite phenomenal. Not sure about the film, though.
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its just anoying how they sing everything that should be spoken.......

every time they sing, it is the singing representation of a REALLY long conversation.

and no, i love it. i even saw it live when it came to Brisbane and played at a theater
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watched it on broadway in NYC and i hated it, so boring.
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There's the original, which was a horror. Then there was a new one, which added some romance. Now there's the most recent one, which is almost all the romance.

Horror replaced with romance in what was already a musical? Pass.


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Not bad as a play... I mean it's andrew loyyd webber so you could be stuck with with jesus christ supersrtar.

it's fine you'll suffer through and still have suffering to spare.
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The play was great (though I didn't get to see Anthony Warlow as the Phantom because he was sick ). The film sucked balls. Mostly because the guy who played the Phantom was terrible.
The only thing I like this movie for - is music (not only main theme).