So yeh, trying to write a lil intro/outro track for 2nd demo cd.

But im stuck on a backing and drums for this lead part which (imo) sounds ok apart from the last bar - its a bit dodgy but its a temp thing till something better.
Supposed to be one of those instrumental tracks that metal bands seem to stick somewhere on a cd, maybe melodic/epic sounding or w.e

So if anyone wants to help then plz do ^^
Could use it

you wouldnt believe how good vodka tastes with gatorade when you've drank so much of it...

ill help give me a second... im kinda drunk

ok i listened to it. honestly if it was me... i would have the first 3/4's of bar 4 repeat twice... and then go from there

does that make sense?
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yeh i makes sense ^^
Roughly got sth but cant be bothered to put in gp cos idk how to use it well enough.

Hm, but i need help with structure and how to get a backing to it, thats the biggest problem ive got >.>