OOk, so I wanna get a new guitar soon ($1000-1500), but as you know, there are lots, and lots, and lots of them out there. I’ve been looking at a couple and these 2 popped out at me. The ESP M-I (http://www.espguitars.com/guitars_m2.html) and the Dean MAB1 Michael Batio Signature (http://www.deanguitars.com/dean_winter_07/mabsig.htm). I like the simplicity of the ESP, because I know what I’m paying, is for playability, not looks. I like the Dean’s looks, and, well that’s about it. I haven’t played either of these guitars, but that’s what I’m looking to you guys for. Which would you say is the better pick, and why? Any other guitars in this price range would be appreciated to.
Check out the Jackson slsmg soloist. I went guitar shopping this week and ended up with an RR3 but if i had an extra 500 i would have went with the soloist. Honestly best feeling guitar I have ever touched and it has the simplicity bit going for you. Whenever you do go shopping make sure you try one.
Don't buy a guitar for the looks.
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From what I've heard, the Batio signature is the only good Dean signature model. ESP's are great guitars as well.
Well im not going to get the dean based on looks alone, but from the reviews ive read its apperintly a really good guitar. And the bonus is that it looks killer
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Those ESP's are real nice. The one I played was just a really solid, well made, nicely playing guitar.
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Choose? That's really not something we can do for you. Take this information and go and try these out at a store. YOU are the one who will find what you like.
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well yes, but were i live, they dont have these guitars in stock, they only have lower end models in the store, and to get them in, id have to pay shipping and tax for it, so thats a hefty sum for 2 guitars. So im just wondering which would be the better choice.
And thanks to everyone that has posted