I love them, anyone else on here ever listen to them... besides scream of the butterfly. If not i would highly suggest, good blues and metal feel to them.
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Yeah i know, you ever listen to any of dax's stuff after acid bath, its just like straight blues, and his voice makes amazing.
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They have a myspace you could link? :3
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Oh yeah, Acid Bath is earsex. This is the best description I could ever come up for them:

Alice In Chains go Death Metal and resurrect the Undead Jim Morrison for vocals.

RIP Audie Pitre

Also, the newest Dax Riggs solo album is pretty good.
That is a good description =). I got a reissue of one his DBATEM albums, i found it best buy strange enough, and i like it a lot. I thought about tabing some more of there stuff, theres a lot of nothing on ug about them.

edit: Anyone know of any bands simmilar to them. Like ugh... eye hate god, or soilent green.
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I love Acid Bath and have been meaning to get their second album for a while now. Its a shame that they only released two because they're amazing.
Pretty awesome stoned as well.
None of the record stores around here carry them anymore. Its funny i bought the last of there collection. I mystically found there 93 demo's album and bought it as well, its quite amazing.
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Quote by guitgrinder

Alice In Chains go Death Metal and resurrect the Undead Jim Morrison for vocals.

That is a pretty good description.
Acid Bath is fucking awesome music.
Amazing band

I don't think anyone else can sound as evil as Dax. NO ONE!
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