The guitar in my sig (Jackson JS30WR Warrior) will be mine in no more than a month and a half. A lot of reviews on it that i've read dubb the guitar top heavy, meaning that the neck is too heavy, and when played standing up, the neck dips down a lot. It sounds like a very minor problem, but does anyone have a solution to it?
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get a dimarzio elastic strap. buckethead uses them and they are quite comftorable...
the solution is don't let go of the neck

but seriously, just get a wide leather strap.
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yeh get a good strap thats nice and wide and dont let that neck go and also its a jackson ive never seen a jackson with a thick heavy neck normally they have skinny ass shredder necks
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I've got a Levy's strap (payed £32 from a local shop) and its got a softleather or suade underside, that kinda sticks to you a bit, doesnt let the guitar move away too much.

Look for one of these.
The one i've got has a stiched flame on the front.
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the solution is don't let go of the neck

but seriously, just get a wide leather strap.

This. My kelly dives, but i've gotten used to it. Oh, and i have a wide leather strap. It sticks to my shirt, or skin if i'm not wearing one.
Same problem with a LP shape 12 string. Head heavy. Even my suede backed strap won't quite give me comfort so I might add weights to the back of the strap to improve balance. Another solution is to move the strap button (and add strap locks) to the headstock. Guaranteed to cure the problem but it looks terrible.