Virtually True !

Take one musician in London another in Seattle, provide two laptops, a few virtual instruments software, a 24/7 chat service and voilà…

I present to you The Lubeck Heads with their new album You or Another You, a self-produced 12 track progressive-rock record.

My pianist friend Eric Benoist (UK) and me USA), decided to replay together like in our college years, despite the Atlantic ocean between us.

After 4 years of hard work, the 12 tracks of this virtual album are ready. Inspired by bands like Yes, Genesis, and Pink Floyd… we established our very own sound : a mix of genre from jazz to progressive rock, with the use of samples, loops, Hammond B3, backups vocals, percussive piano, dark but lyrical voice, and reverbery guitar solos.

We recorded at home in London and Seattle, mixed and mastered in Seattle, manufactured the CD France and Spain. This truly international adventure is not only a true technological success, it’s also a great piece of artwork and music.

You can learn more about the band at Cdbaby.com :


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Hope you'll like it,

Cyrille (guitarist)