I started a project called "This Is Where The Murders Murder". I made up the name because I live in Philadelphia, PA. The murder rate is very bad here. SO there ya go, hate the name, I could care less. I am looking for an open minded guitarist who wants to write some wild music with me and make stuff happen. Preferably someone who is into punk and can stand harsh vocals.

My music is a mix of hard rock, funk, post rock, pop punk and screamo.

Here are 3 tracks I wrote. They aren't exactly 100% done but what the hell. Yes, I like short songs. I put alot of effort into making each riff pretty memorable since I am not really a fan of chorus.

More serious song: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/2249786_4uvpk/_1_.mid
Less serious song: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/2249788_drqu4/ThisWasn_tAskedFor....mid
Just having a blast: http://www.hotlinkfiles.com/files/2249789_f5yo5/ThatsSoMyspaceofYou.mid

All you need is somewhat ok recording equipment. I am an audio engineer of 6 years, so I can mix pretty well. I am also a professional drum programmer if thats not to hard to believe. I will be, mixing/mastering, writing, programming and vocals. I really would like to have dual vocals though.

Thank you and sorry for all the typing,
Yeah, you could really use a guitarist. Those songs sound too ... electronic :X
I must stop wasting time in The Pit and practice!
Umm. I know, they are midi. They aren't produced yet haha. Do you honestly think thats what an audio engineer of 6 years can do.
Wow, I'm listening to your first MIDI now, and for such an unrealistic quality file, it's quite pleasant to listen to. What program did you use to create it? If you require a guitarist, will they be required to create their own part, or will it be provided via some kind of tablature means? Anyway, good work! Keep it up!
Thankyou Well, when I first got into audio engineering, I started off using a sequencer, Fl Studio to be exact. I've never changed because, thats just what I am best with now. I would like to write songs together, you can write whatever you want. I can also provide tabs.
i really like your songs and i can play guitar. you can check my profile for some music and my abilitys. i have never done an online band before but i would like to see how it goes. so i can join if you want me to.
Thank you. Most people hate the music I write haha. Odd for you too like it considering the bands you like, but thats awesome. What are your methods of recording?
Quote by NeonTerror
Thank you. Most people hate the music I write haha. Odd for you too like it considering the bands you like, but thats awesome. What are your methods of recording?

Oh yeah, my favorite bands list. I listen to pretty much everything but those are just some ones i were into at the time i made that list. I use my Digitech RP250 usb out and record in audacity.
i can do it, no problem

EDIT: at least let me try haha, if you dont like it, dont worry. Since you'd be doing the mixing, it'll sound 100x better than the 3 recordings i have on my profile. I cant adjust volume of the midi tracks
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Your music is good. I like your style and really wanna be a part of this. But I don't have the skills and the equipment to do some decent recordings.
Keep up the good work and Good luck!