this song in particular shows the darker side of things. as you will most likely hear.
C4C as always

Marskedit; Ive Written Lyrics!
Dusk settles upon these haunted gallows
Suffer in denial
Let the water break, earth bound spirits
Death's forces Prevail

While the ashes blow from the wake
Backward into forgotten memories
To bring light into darkness
Left to overcome void's

Welcome the forgotten pain
Watch the final drop fall
Remember the tales, told
To leve us in ruin

(Heavy guitar enters)
Let the filth pour into darkness
We ride for greater purpose
(all in)
To find forgotten dreams
And put them into whimsical memories X2
For The Dead Now Sigh, Weeping In Sorrow.zip
"We carry death out of the village!"
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That was pretty epic. To sound sycophantic, the whole first bit was pretty amazing, I wouldn't change a thing (apart from maybe the drum bit leading into the kick-in - I'd personally take it off repeat and add a final note to the fill for the second time round. It sounds like it's cut off too soon in its current state).

Oh, and I don't know if it was GP, but the 'choir' bit near the start sounded a bit dodgy to me. Tone it down a bit?

Hmm, I expected something much longer. I was surprised when the song ended, but still it sounded really good. If you have any other ideas cooking, definitely try adding to this song, but if not, don't ruin it. S'beautiful

S'about it from me.
thank you Gerbs! and yeah the GP choir sound's failtastic but when i run it through reason it comes out sounding 10000 times more beautiful!!!

yeah it is a short song. i couldn't go anywhere else without it sounding bad or forced so it will be an instrumental. i've still got 2 more songs to finish then i should start recording a few. thanks again!
"We carry death out of the village!"
i couldn't go anywhere else without it sounding bad or forced

Don't change a thing then : )
Love the intro, such a desolate feeling. Plus, any song that uses a minor dominant to good effect gets a plus in my book .

In the chord part (from bar 21) it feels a bit too stripped down (although the initial four measures have great effect), maybe you could have some light, light, choir work?

Bar 41 is absolutely amazing. Even with midi instruments it manages to instill so much emotion that it's incredible.

To me, the outro's piano work feels a little blunt, especially the Em4 (or add11 if you will) ending each phrase in the first part of the outro. Personally, I'd simply have a D there, even though it's a bit steorotypical. However, if you want to keep the listener on his toes, by all means go ahead!

Anyway, as a whole, it's short but awesome.

Crit turned out short, but I'd be glad if you critted either the Orchestral piece, part 2 (it's a very rough, unfinished WIP) in my profile, or both parts. If you crit both, link something else you want me to crit!

EDIT: spelling and such
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Dude, wow that was incredible, you are freaking awesome. lol

When it started out it was awesome, when it got going, it was awesome, when it continued going, it was awesome, as it grew into a percussion line it was freaking awesome.

Throughout the whole song awesome.

I worship you, not really, but yea it's a freaking awesome.

C'est tres bien!
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thanks man! really means a lot!!!!
but what does C'est tres bien! mean?
"We carry death out of the village!"
Beautiful. You might wanna try adding a Warm Pad over the acoustic part where the guitar is along also where the piano is alone But if youdon't get anything cool or it doesn't sound as good then don't use it.

Beautiful song
"Fly with me forever high
And with these wings
We'll set the world on fire
Fly with me through scorching skies
You and I - The lie of lies"

-Symphony X
C'est tres bien! is french for "It's Very Good!"!

Because it is
PSN: RokkstarX
Live: RokkyX

All my original (C4C) material is located here.
edit, ive added lyrics. also expect a new song within the next week
"We carry death out of the village!"
Pretty awesome. The power ballad has never been my thing, so obviously this isn't something I'd listen to very often, but for what it is it works very well. The sea effect in the beginning is very well done, and exactly the type of intro I enjoy, and the piano is also very nice. The guitar throughout doesn't do a whole lot for me, but that's just my own taste, as I've said; it works well for the song.