So, summarizing all you've learnt about alternate, sweep and economy picking, what do you end up with in practice with these two example riffs, when combining all your techniques in your own way?

This is an example that is well arranged for alternate picking, but can the alternate picking be improved upon further by other techniques?
e X\---X\---------------------|-------------------------------------------------
B X\---X\-------X\-----X\-----|-------------------------------------------------
G --------------X\-----X\-----|-------------------------------------------------
D ----------------------------|-------------------------------------------------
A ----------------------------|----------4-------5-------4-------2--------------
E ----------------------------|-----22-------2-------2-------2-------5---4---5--

This riff isn't well arranged for alternate picking, as there would be at least one position where a double up pick or down pick would be needed to make it smooth. What combination of economy and sweep picking would you use here? I'd presume there are several equally good ways for this one:

My answers are:
- udud... etc (alternate picking)
- uddudu dudud, uddudu dud

What would you use?