ok this is really the first song ive actually completed. possibly because i havnt put it to music yet. when i try putting my lyrics to music they end up sounding corny and s hit so i never finish them. but yeah, let me know what you think of this one, theres a few bits which dont fit that ill probably fix once i have some music to put it to.

I could stop all motion
lead the way
Fill the ocean with longing
Your every move and notion
govern these tides
And i will never understand you
can i have you?
I will keep holding on
to what i fought so hard to let go
so i can let go
The sky will not fall
This distance is bigger than i can throw
and i will never understand you
Call off the search
they'll never be found, the words and what i wanted lost in your tides
And i will never understand you
I will never have you
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