Hey guys,

Just got an Ibanez RG1570 Prestige and want to stick some Dimarzio P/Us in. I was searching around for the best price when I saw that there are two options, one being regular and the other being "F-Spaced".
The little info I have found on the website has made me to believe that F-Spaced pickups are the type that I need.
Would be a great help if someone who had some knowledge about these could tell me if this is the right type of pickup?

Many Thanks
Read here.

F Spaced means Fender Spaced I think (string spacing was different between Fender and Gibson guitars).

I believe all trem guitars require F spaced pickups.

I think.
standard spaced pickups are for a string spacing of 48mm, F spaces is 51.5mm - RGs use F spaced pickups in both positions, if you don't believe me measure the distance between the two E strings over both pickups
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if asked, feel safe to say that in the name F spaced, the F stands for F.

when dimarzio were looking to name their line of wider spaced pups for trems, they wanted Floyd and Fender owners to buy them.
so someone came up with the name F-spaced. and there you go.

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