okay. so this could interest you a little bit. only read it if your really bored. like i am. it was funny for me and my friend anyways

so. for christmas my friend got a shirt off his sister. it was grey with a mans face on it, and underneath it said "cheddar for life". we thought it was funny and he wore it a fair bit. so we decided to find out who the dude was.

we found out off his mum his name was peter russell clarke. then we found out he used to do a 5 minute cooking show on the abc in the 70's or something. THEN we found out he was like, the huey (if you dont know who that is, hes a guy that does a cooking show now in australia) of that time, and when you watch his show you think hes just the nicest family guy and real well behaved.

apparently last year a tape got put on youtube which was some outtakes and bloopers from when he was recording the show. its not that funny for most people, but we found it funny. anyways


its just funny to imagine someone like huey going f***** fry the c**** til they go black, ya prick.

sorry for all the writing, im not that great with words and you mightnt understand it. oh well
peter russell clark has a spot on the triple j mornins, he's funny as fu-ck and isnt afraid to speak his mind
i love his intro on triple j