would it affect it at all? cause i saw this bc rich warlocky style neck + headstock frets etc on ebay, and its sweet im gonna have this awesome designed pickguard, i wanna try and carve out the body a bit so it looks more like a RG and put some wilko tuners on it, as well as pickups. paint it black etc and stuff. ill try post a pic of the strat at the moment. its fail lol
Quote by szekelymihai
i dont think you can put a different headstock, but maybe a neck would go, with some adjustments. but i dont really know, ive never done that

BUt if he got a new neck with the headstock already on it, it would be fine right?
you'd have to find out the neck dimensions of both necks
and if they match, then you're sorted
if not, then you might have to cut a bit
hopefully it will. it dont matter, its a cheap job (i hope!) and i can just use the pickups i get and slap em on my aria if it all goes crap.
It is a cheap job, A screwdriver and some new strings and it is done. Just make sure it is thee same scale and it fits into your neck pocket. Otherwise your stuffed.
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Well if it's a strat, then I do believe Warmoth sells necks that will fit into a strat pocket. Or just any neck that would fit into a strat pocket for that matter.