hey UG...when i woke up today an idea came to me. what would it sound like if you put a trem pedal on full depth/fairly high rate and put it in line after your delay so the times dont match? i dont have a tremelo pedal but if anyone can/has can you please elaborate?
Im thinking it would sound bad, and jumbled. But I dont have a Tremelo pedal either so I can't say first hand.
I don't believe in signatures. Ah, sh...
Shouldn't sound much different, only problem I can see it that if you have an analog delay or a digital delay with the repeat times set low, you might lose the tremolo in the repeats after awhile and it would just be the dry guitar sound that is repeating. Idk...I just usually keep my delay after everything else. I just think the repeats sound cleaner.
trem before delay doesn't work out that well... if you want square wave-y trem. you get repeats on the high part of the wave and that delays to create 1 solid tone... the trem gets lost.

after delay is a fun trick to make your trails stutter... but it really depends on how you want to use your delay and how you wanna use your trem.

try it out... see what you think. i used to keep a stereo trem (PN2) after delay so i could bounce the delay to different amps.