This is a punk song, aiming just to irritate, so i am expecting irritated comments here, especially from Amerikidz

When I’m Reborn

When I’m reborn, I wanna be in the USA
Weight 300 pounds, a giant place to stay
Ronald McDonald, he’s really quite ok
When I’m reborn, I wanna be in the USA

I’m eating plastic, I breathe exhaust fumes
I’m quite possibly everything you assume
Racist, fascist, I am all meat no filler
I’m voting presidents by who would best killer

And when I’m broke, I’ll try to put the blame
On that system, well isn’t it so lame?
I’ll vote George Bush, he can save my ass
Would never let me down, even when planes crash

Ha-ha, well no, that is not the case
I may be half mad, but I won’t be a disgrace
When I’m reborn, I wanna try and change today
When I’m reborn, I’ll sing “**** the USA”
Every form of control over another person is a crime

AEK Athens
Asteras Exarcheion
Prasini Thyella
Rayo Vallecano

RED MILITIA-Vamos a Vencer