hey all. I hope someone can help me with this. Ive managed to bastardize every guitar Ive ever owned, hence the word bastratard (for bastard strat.) Sorry this is so long a post but to help with this matter I figured it would help to know all ive done for the best possible advice. I dont need or want a treble bleed circuit on the volume knob because this isnt where the problem lies.

I currently own a fender mexican strat with a humbucker. Yesterday and the day before i spent some time rewiring this baby for twelve (I think) separate tones. Thats what I counted anyway minus the tone knobs because then it tuns to like 24 different noticeable variations of tone. (12 x 2 = 24)

Heres what I did: Added an on/off/on switch and an on/on switch. The humbucker can be used in all positions of 5 way except middle position (both of the new switches are bypassed in this position also and I also wired the middle pickup hot to ground and ground to hot. ??I believe this is called reverse polarity??). Also, the humbucker has a coil tap and wired for series AND parallel. This depends on the switch position of 5 way and the other newly added switches. The tone knobs are wired directly to the output lug of volume pot. Each tone pot has its own cap, therefore I can use both pots for each pickup and switch positions.

One thing I want to do is change the caps on the tone knobs. I added a .47 cap to second pot so I would have more control over tone.

I understand the concept of treble bleed circuits for the volume pot but dont quite get the tone knob caps. One knob has the standard .22 cap that fender used. The other has a radio shack .47 cap. Both are wired straight to the volume pot output jack lug. In essence I can use the tone pots no matter what position the 5 way switch is in for some pretty cool effects but turning them down too much makes the tone way too muddy.

In one postion on 5 way, I can use both pots at halfway point and get a pretty decent tone without too much muddiness. But I have to use them together. What I want to know is how small or large the cap needs to be on a tone knob for it not to bleed off so much high end. I am looking for something that will take SOME highs out yet give me something midrangey. Like a wah-wah stuck in middle sweep.

This is far from the first time Ive ever rewired a guitar, However it is the first time I have wanted to change the caps on tone knobs for less muddiness. (I just dont like my sound so ugly. Like I stated I want something that would take less highs out but still leave a midrangey tone.

From what I get from treble bleed circuits, I should be able to do the same for tone but how would I go about figuring out what size cap to use or should I just add a treble bleed circuit to volume pot since the tone pots are wired to this?