I have a fair amount of money (around $900) and I have been looking at guitars. I need to know if I should go ahead and get a new LTD model, and upgrade from what I have, or just go full out and buy the guitar I really want, which is an ESP model.

The problem: MONEY.

I'm only 14 so I have no real way earning a ton of money to bridge the gap between the prices. These are the 2 guitars I'm ranting about:

ESP Horizon FR-II


I really like the Horizon but the price is too much. IT would take me over a year to get the money for it.

Is it worth it to save up for it?
If you feel you can wait and make do with the gear you have at the moment then it will probably be worth it in the long run.
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Do you have a decent amp, preferably tube?
If not, the emgs really won't be done justice, to get the best out of them you need to use them with a tube amp.
They normally don't mix well with SS amps.
If you really want to change your tone then an amp will be better for that.

However, if you have a good tube amp already then none of that really applies so just save up.
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what's your setup look like atm ?
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Yeh, I'd say just save for now...instant gratification doesn't seem to last long. I'm in a similar situation. I crave a Schecter Hellraiser, but don't have the money and wont for some time, so I'm making due with my Epi LP for now.
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what's your setup look like atm ?

Look on his profile!

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Right now I don't have to worry about an amp. I just purchased a new 6505+ and I am fully happy with it. I know most of your tone comes from the amp.

On the guitar side of things, I have a nice acoustic, but a terrible electric guitar. It has no brand, was purchased in a pawn shop 20 years ago, and only cost about $250.