This is about to be the third time I replace the G-String in a month... Why does it keep breaking? When I tune it I can tell it's really tense. Any tips on tuning to reduce tension or something? Please help before I replace the string.
when I bought my 12 string I got it home and after several strums I broke one of the strings... It was past five so the shops were closed and it was a saturday so I couldn't replace it till monday... Anyway, that doesn't answer your question, try a different gauge string
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which G string? there are 2 , it is a 12 string.
If it is the little one , i had a similar problem.
After checking the nut , bridge , bridge block (or tailpiece) for any abnormalities.
I simply went up in gauge from an 008" 0r 009" which are usually the little g string.
I used an e string , 1st string off an accoustic (lights) which is 010" there is no problem getting it to tune to g & it doesnt break as easily.

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If nothing else, you could always try tuning to Eb. That would reduce the tension, hopefully preserving the string.
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