A lot of you on UG have been aware of my financial problems for a while. Well, it's got to the point where I'm having to relinquish my one and only true love- my customised Gibson Les Paul DC. Here is a pic of me holding it:

Bear in mind that it was toured to hell and back in its last band, Buck Brothers, and has lost its neck before. However, it's been reattached and it works fine- just has an unsightly seam.

Make me an offer, but keep it realistic, yeah?
I'll get some pics, but I only have a ****ty webcam camera.

I'll check the serial number to see what it used to be- I paid £800 for it last year.
They were all added as mods. Andy Duke, the guitar's original owner, had the guitar customised with chrome p90s, a bigsby, Rickenbacker-style inlays (you can see where rosewood has filled in where the 2nd 12 fret dot used to be), pearloid binding and a new mirror Gibson logo and 'diamond' logo on the headstock. If you want to look up the serial number, I can get that for you in a bit- it's in my singer's room and he's still sleeping.
Oh, and it was refinished and given a new set of tuners. The guitar's got a LOT of cosmetic damage and the neck's been reattached, but it was all like that when I bought it for £800 last year. It's like an old, battered war veteran.

This is a chance for someone to own something truly unique, and I apologise for the crappiness of the pics that are to follow- I don't have a camera!
yea dont worry, it sure is a cool guitar, but because of all the wear and damage and lack of money i dont really feel inclined to offer all that much, especially as it was a pretty expensive model to start of with, i was hoping it was a faded so i could nab it for about 300-350
Any offers? Will take £650 for it- that's my most practical offer that best covers my needs, too.