hey yall
i went away for three days and just so that little kids wouldnt touch my les paul I put it in the hardcase and left the case standing sideways

well in three days no one touched it; i took it out of the case and plugged in
and the amp just gives me like buzzing noise and wouldn't pick up the guitar sound

I tried different cables and none works
I try my strat with the same cables and it works

so i guess it's gotta be the guitar... but I have no idea what it is
the only thing I can think about right now is that since I left it standing sideways in the case, maybe that did something to the jack or something
should I take it to a shop? cause the shops charge me like million bucks to do any ****
the 1st pharagraph was useless..

could be a lose wire inside your LP... dunno
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the 1st pharagraph was useless..

could be a lose wire inside your LP... dunno

it's just so that no one thinks I smashed it on the stage or anything...
I opened up the back plate and no wire was actually loose
The first to comment this thread is useless..

My advice is you look into it and make sure the wires are how they should be and the saudering is done right
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how it needs to look

how the plug needs to fit when inserted.

my guess, is a wire looks tight but isnt.

$15 soldering iron, instructions on pack.

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