This song is on the Soundtrack for the 1992 Movie Encino Man (starring Sean Austin, Pauly Shore & Brendan Fraser...it's playing at the hockey rink "Blades" when they take Link to a date with some chick that they all know from school) & videos for this song can be found on Youtube
Randy Rhoads (December 6, 1956 – March 19, 1982)
Dimebag Darrell (August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004)
Les Paul (June 9, 1915 – August 13, 2009)
Ronnie James Dio (July 10, 1942 – May 16, 2010)
I may be able to send you a video step by step on how to play it. I have never tried to tab anything, so showing you would probably be much easier.

I offered to give you an email to contact me, but have some useless idiot that wants to sign me up for Realtor sites, which are getting the IP address for me of who is doing it, so that will be handled shortly, and in a very creative, yet discrete way. I don't take kind to people that screw around like that, and so be it if I get arrested, but this guy will regret it.

Anyways, if you still need help with the song, just message me.
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