ok, so i started playin guitar a month ago, and found out bout dis great site 2 weeks ago. ive been lookin in the forum for tips for beginners and the (metronome) keeps poppin up. i was wonderin do i need 1 and if so , what is it used for ?? any info will do. johnny !!!
it's used to play songs on a slower tempo, and then speed up, or to do exercises on a steady tempo. I didn't actually use it, but if you want to start playing fast fast (complicated i know), you could use one.
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A metronome merely teaches you timing in music by ticking away in the background. I would find one utterly useless in my situation because I have a very good sense of rhythm and timing (as I was previously a drummer!), but if you're struggling with timing then it may be something worth getting.
a metronome is often used to build up speed, e.g.: 4 notes per beat, then 5 , 6 et...
you need to begin really slow , and focus and listen if you play it correctly. and have a routine , like 5 times -3-5-7 on low E then 5 on A etc..
There are online ones, although if you practise away from your computer, i recommend buying one.
cool, thank you for your replys and advice. there is a music shop close to me , so i should be able to purchase 1 in there !!!
ok this is probably a silly question but the only way i ll find out is if i ask, how do i go about using it ??
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thank you for that link m8, cleared up everything for me.

glad i could help