Hey, I hope this isn't advertising, as it's a free service and I'm trying to help other bands use this useful resource. It's a website called reverbnation and they help you put together free electronic press kits and mailing lists and a bunch of other cool things to help promote your band. I found it just the other day and I thought you guys might want to know about it if you didn't already. They also rank your band based on genre and location and other things.

This is where I was hoping you guys could help my band out, just by going and listening to our music our rank goes up and it attracts more attention from record executives, venues and stuff like that. If you like us feel free to sign up to our mailing list.

the link is http://www.reverbnation.com/remoraband

Thanks a lot for any help.
i dont think this is advertising..but i feel like you might get reported..just warning you..
Your singer sounds like he's trying to be Kurt Cobain.

and he does a pretty good job of it.
I hope not, I was really just posting this here because it could really help out some bands that don't know how to start promoting. But if anyone has a problem with it, I could take it down.

Edit: ^ No he's really not trying to sound like Kurt Cobain, we get that comparison a lot. I think if you play alternative rock, and have a raspy voice everyone says we try to rip off Nirvana. We really just play what we like to hear ourselves.
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Lol...as a old time dedicated grunge fan,I can say with expertise that your band sounds like Nirvana

Good site though...
Your bands not bad at all
If anyone reports its because their a ****
this site is nothing new, but uh.. yeah.

unless you're in the top 5% you won't attract much attention.

the web has been done now. times are changing. call me crazy.
Quote by Nilpferdkoenig
how about we make an offical reverbnation thread?

Sweet idea!
Wow your band definetely sounds like Nirvana, but thats in anyway a bad thing. I personally think your song is pretty damn good so keep up the good work my friend.
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