ok so ive been playing guitar for a little over a year now... im of course getting to that point where im becoming stuck.

i know there are a ton of free tutorials online, BUT

im becoming more drawn to paying only because of the progression structure of learning.
they will say beginners do this for a week. then once you learn it try to learn this song..
then once you can play that try these exercises ect. until it build to advanced level lessons.

ive been doing random miscellaneous online lessons.. and while yes they do help. but
there is no progression guidance.

so if anybody knows the best online learning site preferable under 100 ( or free if you know of one with a progression learning structure ) that be great.

also a site where they actually show the player, and some kind of visual fret board while teaching, as well as their hands too would be greatly preferred

something like this

the only problem with their site is that they really only teach you to play songs. rather than instruct you to play in general.

i know there are tons of post on this.. but im wondering if anybody knows the specific experience IM looking for.
Why don't you find a non-virtual teacher? I'm normally against the idea of music tuition, but virtual music tuition doesn't seem right to me at all.
try guitartricks.com

not sure if it's exactly what your looking for but check it out.
i would love a non virtual teacher. but those guys are outrageously expensive.

at least where i am.

and this site seems cool.

anybody else with any more feel free to drop them.

id like some options.
Yeah some non virtual guitar teachers can be really expensive. But I'm lucky enough to have found a really good teacher that only charges $5 for a half an hour.

But if a non virtual teacher is not an option. I would definitely take a look at nextlevelguitar.com. You can even do a 3 day free trial to see if you like it. I've heard great things about this site. But whatever you do, good luck!
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Basically what your saying is, you want something kind of advanced that specifically tells you what to practice each week or whatever. Am I reading this right?
Learning online inherently poses some problems:

The teacher has no idea what standard you're at, and 99% of the time won't hear or see you play. How can you teach someone if you don't know how well they're progressing?
They give you a lesson, and then expect you to have mastered it and then move on. If you don't know how to master it, you'll often end up either tearing your hair out or resorting to sites like UG - a bit unfair on you when you're already paying to be taught elsewhere.

Also there are a lot of 'be a god in 30 days'. Basically it's all bullshít. If it said 'be steve vai in FIVE YEARS' it'd still be bullshít.
I signed up to that Tom Hess website so i could have a look around it properly, cause i had a feeling he was a rip-off merchant. Ever since i put my email address down, all i get is computer generated generic emails saying 'Hey, you haven't signed up for my lessons yet, i've identified your core problems and we can now move on....once you've signed up for a lesson plan'. He 'identified my problems' via an online form, which i barely filled in. Basically he's one of the more used/reputable online lessons provider, and all he does is gets a coded mathematical formula-based program online to send you a computer-generated lesson. Be very, very wary. Buy cheap, buy twice. Even if you only spend the equivalent on a real teacher (it might only add up to about 3 lessons) it might inject a new lease of life into your playing.
Learning somgs online is how I started..you tube is awesome for that...and its free. The best thing you can do is just jam with people...you will progress at warp speed compared to sitting in front of a pc...and again, it's free