well, without any further ado, I'll begin with a little story...

Once upon a time my sister was offered a gig.
She had no band at the time, so she started looking for a band like a freak.

A while later she'd put together a decent band with lead/rhythm guitar, bass drummer and vocals (me)
The drummer was an asshat so I replaced him, and sang behind the drums.

Now the problem is, our bassist saw this as a great opportunity to get in a band and get famous.
...And to be able to play with my sister, she's some kind of god here...
So he picked up the bass right there.
no problems there, aight?

here it is:

he think he can go from unknown to superstar without practising.
Luckily the covers we did for the gig had very easy bass lines.

Anyhow, to point.
How could we get him to practise?
I mean he want to get famous and such and we get gigs but he won't bloody practise!
and we'd like to get rid of the root-note-syndrome most of our songs get...
You like it
tell him hes out if he doesnt.......

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Quote by YoHendrix
tell him hes out if he doesnt.......

haha, shoud've told that <.<

he's my sisters' best friend
so unfortunately kicking him is out of the world in this scenario
You like it
clearly you dont need any sort of skill to get famous on your instrument, just look at everyone in blink 182 but travis
Quote by YoHendrix
tell him hes out if he doesnt.......
I agree with this dude. Just sit him down and tell him if he doesn't pull his head out of his ass he's out ( You might not want to use those exact words ) but seriously If he thinks bands just go from unknown to global superstars without some assbusting hard work then he really needs a reality check.

EDIT: If you can't kick him maybe get your sis to talk some sense into him if there close friends he may listen to her a little better, and thats only if she agrees that he does need to practice a lot more.
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Phhh! He sounds like a typical fake-bassist. As for the unknown to superstar thing, maybe he should join a boy band?

If someone's musical aspirations are initially centered around getting lots and lots of money, they will fail.
If he isnt gonna practice, he wont be a superstar.
Best way to show him that he needs to practice in my opinion? Learn some songs with tricky basslines, tell him what the songs are and then when you turn up at practice and he cant play them be like 'But this is the stuff we wanna do'. If he refuses to practice, talk to your sister. He has to go if he isnt pulling his weight.

This is why forming bands with best friends is difficult. There almost always comes a point where you have to kick someone. No matter how much you say 'yeah we'll keep as friends'' you don't. It becomes awkward between you and its buggered basically.
Talk to your sister about it. If he doesn't shape up he simply has got to go, best friend or not.
1. Give him harder songs and tell him to play the lines ver batim from the recordings.

2. Turn him way up in the mix and record some playing to show him how terrible he is and how much it matters in regard to the whole. I watched two bands with bad bass players this weekend, and it didn't matter because you couldn't hear either of them at all, why the hell should they have bothered improving?

3.Have a long discussion with your sis. You don't keep someone in the band just because he or she is your buddy, you keep them in because they are good for the band. The bass player isn't the only one with the wrong attitude in the band.
say to him if he wants be a superstar he needs to practise and get good
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Seems like he's got the right idea. Everyone knows nowadays the talent to fame ratio is inverse

But seriously, show him music that has interesting basslines. He'll never want to get better if he thinks he's adequate.
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