I added in some simple perscussion instruments on a 2nd take and it really sounds nice. I did all instruments. Been working on my vocals a bit too.

Check it out:


Tell me what's good or if it sucks. Always looking for constructive criticism as I try to fine-tune my journey through music.

C4C to people with helpful criticism as always.

Thanks guys!
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The guitar sounds great. Tone-wise it's good. Play-wise it's good. Your vocals aren't too shabby. You're in pitch, but I think they kind of miss depth. Almost like your not putting enough air behind them. Also at some times you go a little nasally. Overall it sounds great. All I can point out is minor details to look at. Nicely done!

Check out my Iris cover if you have time.
Thanks dude. I've noticed that 'head sound' before but I wasn't sure if it wasn't just ... in my head. LOL. I need to find a vocal coach out here in PA.
PA? dealing with all those fires? Anyways good cover man.
Peace be thy journey