How I do record a good rehearsel room jam session?
Iam working on songs with my drummer, so we are just two man.
I tried to record today with a mixer, so I plugged my guitar into the amp and the amp I connected with the mixer and the drums we recorded with a microphone.
This microphone was also plugged into the amp.
But the final result was more then bad !
So how I do a good record of a jam session?

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Well man i do the same thing, in basically the same situation. You need to have drum mics and an amp mic. then go from there. If ur lucky, you can set the mic up right and get not good quality, but decent quality with just one mic. It wont be professional, but it might sound alright. Plus it just goes on the acoustics of your recording room.
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The first time I ever did a recording was with a friend's ancient analog mixer. Basically, I plugged headphones into my amp and my drummer wore them. We put the microphone in a fish tank which was insulated with a blanket and put a thin pillow on top of it. It was done in a very small room, but it made it so you could actually hear all the parts of the drums. Of course the drummer plays along to what you're playing, and then you record the guitar over the drums. An easier way to record the guitar though is to buy a 1/4 to 1/8 cord at BestBuy or a similar store (I bought a package for $15 USD which came with two 1/4 cables (patch cords) and a connector that converted one side from 1/4 to 1/8 which is all you need.) You then plug the cord from your Line Out in your amp to the mic port in your computer and record it through an audio program such as Audacity. As for the drums, they are usually pretty hard to record, but you can record vocals, guitar and bass, through your computer for pretty cheap. Hope this helps.
mic everything separately and run it through the mixer into your computer. dont run the drum mics through the amp! then use whatever software you have to fix the volume levels and such.
that's how my band is going to do it anyway.
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