My son bought a Squier Mini and we are both new to guitars. I can not get this mini to stay in tune.

What are some things to check for?

We are using a Fender Elec. tuner that came with it. We also have another reg. Fender that works great so it is not the tuner. I also read on another forum that these minis are hard to tune. Any suggestions are what we can do would be great.
well, generally, cheaper guitars dont tune as well, and the frets might be off. also, check the length of the strings at the bridge. i dont know how to change the length, but you could take it into a guitar shop and ask them what they think
is it a fixed bridge? (or does it have a trem)

are those the stock strings?

edit: ok i see it's hardtail, or fixed, non moving.

so then i suggest you restring the guitar, use a locking technique at the tuner, and lube the cuts of the nut with a graphite pencil.

as for intonation, that's near impoossible with a 3/4 scale guitar and they might want you to use an alternate tuning just to make it playable along the neck.

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have fun with the squire mini... fun story acutally, @ my GC they have a couple mini squiers, and a 6505+, and even a mini squire rips through a 6505+