I bought a new ESP LTD M100FM the other day, and it has a tremelo on it. I have free setups for a year, and after a few divebombs, it's already out of tune. I figure, **** it, I dont care for divebombs, so I just won't do that. However, the high e string is hard to fret, it kinda pushs downwards. I'm going to go take it to get a set up today, is there anything I need to tell the guy about the bridge? Also, it has fret buzz towards the higher end, lower strings. What kind of strings should I put on it? The stock kinda suck... I play metal, and plan to keep it in standard.

Or should I just take it back and get a shecter damien 6? >.> I paid (altogether, with the setup plan and stuff) about 380. 35 bucks or so away from the shecter..
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low end floyd dont work well.

you need a level bridge, to adjust the action, heavier strings and probably a neck adjustment.

or you can get a TOM bridge.

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