i got a macbook a while back and i thought it was the best thing in the world until a week later when the new ones came out. Why would they let me buy this one if they could give me the new one? There the same price too, and im really pissed off could i send this one back for a new one?

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i got a macbook

there is your problem.

but no, you can't just send your macbook back and expect they will send you the new one. i mean they are trying to make money.

you, as a consumer, should know that computers get upgraded and updated on a regular basis.
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How else are they going to get rid of old stock? I'd contact them and tell them you want to exchange it for one of the newer ones, especially if they made significant changes to the new one. Either that, or tell them they need to refund some of your money. I certainly wouldn't sit by and let them do you like that.
Welcome to society now a days, any investment in technology almost instantly becomes obsolete
It's your job as the customer to pay attention to the announcements and keynotes and what not about new products. It's not their fault that you didn't wait until the new one comes out, so why should they have to suffer for your lack of patience?
They cannot be the same price, if the "new" one is more advanced. What models are we talking bout here?

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you probably couldve returned it for your money back and got a new one but its too late now
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What happens is you phone their customer service number, you use your touch tone phone to navigate through the options until you get a direct line to Steve Jobs office where he proceeds to laugh hysterically until you hang up or his throat gets so hoarse he can't keep it up, at which point he gets a cup of water and resumes his laughing, with added spittle.