Ok, I will try to shorten the story. anyways I have been dating a girl for about 3 months, shes 18 im 21. everything was going good, but there were sometimes little fights, anyways the distance is kind of annoying but we somehow make it work. so she brakes up with me and cries and everything and asks for a couple days to think. we get back together after she thinks about it, so for some odd reason I break up with her a week later dont ask why I just kind of felt like leaving her, the reasons were just not seeing her enough. anyways I know this girl is put on earth for me, and we belong together. the past week iv been trying to get back her and she says she still has feelings for me, but shes not sure. she told me that there might be someone else, and she is very confused. I told her theres someone here for me which there is but its more of a jealousy type tactic. I am seeing her saturday and do not know what to do about this whole situation. if anyone can help me or give advice on whats going on, what I should do, and how should I approach this, I do like her.
Relationship Thread is there for a reason.
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were is the relationship thread I haven't seen it in a while and i need it badly
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be honest with her, don't use "the jealousy tactic" or any of that crap. If you think she was put on this earth to be with you, why would you break up with her? That's probably why she is unsure of whether or not to go back out with you, plus if she's getting interested in someone else that doesn't help your cause either.
lol shes a bit of a drama queen methinks
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Pit r not qualified counsellor, k?
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Pit r not qualified counsellor, k?

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